Why Choose Burgess Heating & Air for AC Repair in Westchase?

It’s too warm in your home or office. You go to adjust the temperature setting on the thermostat and 30 minutes later its even hotter. The bad news? your AC is broken. The good news? professional help from Burgess Heating & Air is just minutes away from Westchase.

Common AC Issues

Most air conditioners will show noticeable signs when they are in need of a repair. These include:

  • Bad odors
  • Loud noises
  • Uneven or no cooling
  • Water and gas leaks
  • Rooms feel humid

AC Installation in Westchase

Buying a new air conditioner is rarely high on a homeowner’s want to-do list. At Burgess Heating & Air, one of our Comfort Specialists can ease the inconvenience of purchasing a new HVAC system by leading you through the process. During your free in-home estimate, he’ll look at your current HVAC unit, your property, and discuss your wants and needs to find the best possible replacement options. When you’re ready to move forward, our team will deliver and install your new unit quickly and professionally so you can get back to being comfortable.

Once your new unit is installed, our team will clean the work area and remove your old unit from your property. We’ll also give you a tour of your new system, being sure to answer any and all questions you have along the way.

AC Maintenance in Westchase

Regular upkeep is vital to ensuring your straight cool or heat pump system stays in tip-top condition. Maintenance 2 times a year can also help prevent costly repairs and extend the life of your system.

Heating System Repairs, Maintenance and Installation

The Burgess Heating & Air team is able to repair, maintain and install all types of heating systems including straight cools (heat strips), heat pumps and furnaces. We understand how important it is to have a reliable heating system during the colder months. That’s why so many property owners rely on our team for heating repairs, maintenance, and installation.

For repairs, we’ll diagnose the issue your system in experiencing and recommend the best course of action to get it running again. We offer competitive pricing for all of our heating system repair services.

Regular maintenance services for your heating system are is important to keep it running well. Preventative maintenance can help prevent costly repairs down the line.

If it’s time to replace your old, worn out system, we can provide options that fit your wants, needs and wallet.