Affordable AC Repair in Pinellas Park

HVAC issues can be frustrating for homeowners. Having your ac struggle to keep your home comfortable is something nobody looks forward to, especially during the hottest months and days of the year.

Thankfully, when your system falls ill, Burgess Heating & Air can nurse it back to health. On a repair visit, our technician will inspect and check your entire system to find the problem. He’ll be sure to go over options and recommend a solution before making any repair, so you understand what needs to be done, how much it will cost, and so you can sign off.

Other AC Services in Pinellas Park

Since 1989, our team has helped Pinellas Park homeowners with fast and affordable HVAC services:

AC Maintenance – Do you remember the last time your HVAC unit had scheduled maintenance? If not, then it’s probably been too long. Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid unexpected ac failure, which can involve significant downtime and costly repairs. During a visit, our technician will inspect, check, and measure all major components of your HVAC system. If he finds a current or potential issue, he’ll alert you and with your approval, get it fixed.

AC Installation Services – They say all good things must come to an end, this includes your once reliable, efficient, and amazing air conditioner. When the time comes to replace, our Comfort Specialist can help you pick the right system for your home. We’ll inspect your space, and go over all of your options, so you can stay on budget and get back to being comfortable.

Why Choose Burgess for AC Services?

Pinellas Park home and business owners alike choose Burgess for their AC needs because of our:

Level 10 – Our 10 point code of excellence that includes 100% customer satisfaction.

Experience – Our team has many years of experience in the industry and we stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and technology. We are no strangers to thinking “outside the box” and will do what it takes to overcome obstacles and get you and your family back to being comfortable.

Competitive Pricing – We believe in providing our customers with fair and upfront pricing for our services.

Reliable Service – We understand that HVAC issues can be urgent, so the Burgess team stands ready to respond quickly to situations like no cools.

Heating Services in Pinellas Park

If your property uses a traditional heating system (heat strip, heat pump or furnace), Burgess is your go to provider for heating system repairs, installation and maintenance.

Commercial AC and Heating Services in Pinellas Park

Commercial property owners need their HVAC units to be up and running at all times. When a system beaks, it can cause a dip in employee productivity. If you have a storefront, it can mean spend less time in your building. You can trust our team to get your office, store, studio, employees, and customers back to being comfortable when your system goes down.