What is LEVEL 10?

Level 10Simply put, LEVEL 10 represents excellence - performance at its best. There are 10 key principles that make up the LEVEL 10 Code of Excellence. The principles must be fully integrated into every function within the business operation. It is these principles that differentiate a business from its competitors. A consumer should feel confident when receiving service from a LEVEL 10 company that they have chosen a company that is dedicated to providing the highest level of service, products and guarantees.

A LEVEL 10 company must commit to the following code of excellence. All employees must agree to uphold these standards to their highest level.

Code of Excellence

  • Committed to 100% customer satisfaction. No exceptions
  • Committed to ethical business practices
  • Committed to providing customers with top quality products
  • Committed to top quality workmanship
  • Committed to top quality personnel
  • Committed to continual employee training
  • Committed to Communication, Care and Consideration
  • Committed to offering customer solutions that provide value and peace of mind
  • Committed to product and service assurance
  • Committed to being relentlessly focused on expressing the attributes of the LEVEL 10 standard

At Burgess Heating & Air, we have always been dedicated to exceeding customer expectations, so committing to the LEVEL 10 standards was an easy decision.

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